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From making the basic marinara sauce (what we all call “gravy”) to making pasta such as homemade ravioli or potato gnocchi, to delicious meat dishes such as Italian Short Ribs with Polenta, or a stuffed pork roast with Broccoli Rapi and provolone, to a rich fruit panna cotta or a fancy apple tart, each session discovers the essentials behind your favorite foods. You can come to My Abruzzi Garden for a plethora of foods and recipes that will ultimately produce beautiful moments.

Let my cooking sessions inspire you and let the power of cooking connect us and create happiness.
Oh, Glorious Food!
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Harry Fini

Private In-Home Classes.

Now you can flex your culinary muscles in my sessions unlike any you’ve taken before. Through private in-home classes, I will walk you through a single dish or the entire process of putting a refined meal on the table.

In New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania, I am ready to come to your home to guide you or a group of friends for an enthralling day of cooking right in your very own kitchen.

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Why Is Everyone Falling in Love with Italian Cuisine?

Why Is Everyone Falling in Love with Italian Cuisine?

Italy is known for its huge population, diversity, culture, music, art, and, most importantly the Italian cuisine. Italian food cooking classes are very popular and is an important part of most of the five-star restaurants. This popularity of Italian food is because of it is richness in toothsome flavor that holds great diversity and variety. That is why most people…

People Should Learn About Basic Cooking Skills to Become A Master Chef

People Should Learn About Basic Cooking Skills to Become A Master Chef

Cooking is one of the best activities to relieve stress after a hectic day at work. Everybody wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a good diet. So, people should pay great attention to learning basic cooking skills with a little bit of practice as well. People who want to take their game of cooking beyond can opening and microwave…

How to Learn to Cook for Yourself?

How to Learn to Cook for Yourself?

Cooking is an art; it is a hobby that people do to make themselves feel better. Who doesn’t like to eat tasty and yummy food created by their own hands? However, cooking is not that fun for everyone, especially for people who have never been to the kitchen to cook something other than noodles. Most people do not know how…

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What Our Students Say


“I have tried almost all his recipes! Each dish turns out to be amazing. Keep it up!”

Michelle Hudson

“We would suggest Harry Fini to anyone who wants to treat themselves and close friends to a wonderful night.”

Ellie Smith

“He’s got an incredible talent. I’m looking for an excuse to have him back!”

Laura T.

Care Assistant

“I regularly watch all the videos, and I am a big follower of his recipes. I have recommended him to all my friends who are into Italian and fun.”

Melissa Hart

Office Manager

“He truly creates the perfect meals. His cooking classes are very helpful, informative, and fun! Thank you so much, Harry!”  

Henry Limone


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