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Get Up. Get Ready. Get Cooking!

Established in 2012, My Abruzzi Garden is a creation out of the sheer love and passion for hosting, cooking, and creating memorable events. The idea behind it revolves around teaching and collaborating with others while connecting with friends and family through amazing and wholesome food and dishes.

Let’s start a wave of love through cooking and food.

Whether you want to expand your cooking skills, gather your friends at home for a fun time over some delicious Italian specialties created by you, or host small events for cooking up tasty memories, I am here to help you make it creative and tasteful.

At My Abruzzi Garden, I inspire you to create goodness and experience an unforgettable cooking encounter. I believe that enjoyable cooking is beyond recipes; it’s about learning techniques that you can take from my kitchen into your own. That’s why I am here to offer an exciting and inviting platform for people to learn how to prepare delicious recipes, hone essential techniques, and more. I am committed to helping all individuals passionate about cooking to create interactive and elevated dining experiences.

As a cooking enthusiast, I relentlessly seek new and innovative ways to create, combine, and complement the exotic with the familiar. I believe that when prepared thoughtfully, there’s no such thing as an unfulfilling or boring meal.

I aim to help you enjoy creating the taste you want. At My Abruzzi Garden, I provide cooking classes to teach recipes online that you can easily prepare at home. My online videos demonstrate how to make essential dishes and create happiness through cooking and sharing good food. In New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania, I also hold events at your home that encourage active participation and explore exciting culinary discoveries.

Now you can make the most from my cooking classes and videos by putting some fresh flavors on your plate!

How My Journey Started.

It was in 2012 when I had a small farm in Chesterfield, NJ, and I realized my desire to teach and share my passion for food. My loved ones thoroughly enjoyed my events and encouraged me to take it forward and make it bigger. After receiving appraisals like, “I would love to learn to cook like you,” I took it one step ahead by hosting cooking classes and demonstrations at my home and later catered to weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers. I also conducted personal cooking events for reunions and get-togethers for people in the comfort of their own homes. And from there, my fascinating and fun-filled journey started with the idea to share my talent and teach others the same skills and techniques.

With years of experience and a lifelong enthusiasm for preparing and sharing the foods I love, I enjoy a quick and easy hands-on approach to teaching others and demystifying even the most complex cuisines.

Bon appetite!