Do you want to learn food prep skills and cooking essentials?

At My Abruzzi Garden, let my recorded cooking sessions inspire you and let the power of cooking connect us and create happiness!

From making basic marinara sauce (what we all call “gravy”) to making pasta to making homemade ravioli or potato gnocchi to a rich fruit panna cotta or a fancy apple tart, each session discovers the rudiments behind your favorite foods. You can come to My Abruzzi Garden for regimented foods and recipes and have beautiful moments.

Treat Yourself to A Cooking Adventure.

I welcome you into my candid, and sometimes messy, kitchen for some tips, recipes, and inspiration.

In my recorded cooking classes, you’ll learn how to make memories in a fun and hands-on environment where you will be standing, mixing, prepping, and cooking. From preparing favorite dishes to new twists on classic desserts and finishing your dishes, you will be cooking delicious recipes from scratch. I offer personalized tips from start to finish and make it super easy for you by crafting the perfect experience that we’ll create together.

I will make it simple with the dishes that you make and the recipes and techniques we use. So, when you prepare them again, you will have no fear of replicating those dishes and modifying them the way it works for you and your loved ones.

Once finished, you’ll drop your aprons and enjoy your hard work, and the masterpiece that you created.

Join me in the kitchen and get involved in the ultimate cooking experience!

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