Are you a huge fan of Italian food?

Are you always calling for pizza or hoping down to your local Italian eatery for some Bolognese?

Did you always want to learn how to make Italian food the way it is made in Italy?

If Yes, Then You have landed in the right place!

In this guide, we will talk about some of the essential components of cooking the best Italian dinner recipes ever and some famous recipes that you should try as a beginner to pick up important culinary skills and hone your potential as an Italian chef.

Italian food is one of the few cuisines that people are obsessed with all across the world. Italian food regularly features on the dining tables of most households, and more often than not, we go back to pizzas, risottos, and pasta to satiate our cravings for a delicious meal.

Italian cuisine comprises fresh ingredients and traditional meals that people consume in Italy. Although sauces, pasta, and cheese are all staples of the country, each region has distinctive ingredients and recipes that have defined the globally renowned Italian cuisine.

If you are in the initial stages of learning how to cook the best healthy Italian recipes, there might be a few dishes that you are comfortable making. Italian food is one of the most heartening cuisines and makes for a great entry into the culinary world.

So, if you want to go beyond the jarred sauces and packaged pasta, here are some recipes that will make for a good start. They are timeless and beginner-friendly, and once mastered, you will be making them for the rest of your life.

Make Pizza Following the Best Cooking Recipes Online

Although a slab of bread seasoned with spices and oil was around way before it got famous in Italy. There is no single dish as famous or as characteristic of the country as our very own pizza. Cheap, easy, and satisfying pizza has been a common meal or snack, particularly in Naples, where the tomato sauce was first introduced to the recipe.

When you learn how to make a pizza crust from scratch, you will understand the essence of a truly delicious pizza. Once you have mastered the basics of making the perfect pizza dough, you can then experiment with the toppings and make them suit your taste or preferences.

Make the Best Italian Dinner Recipes Ever with Tomato Sauce

It is mind-boggling how an American crop that didn’t make it to Italy till the 15th century has somehow come to define the country’s cuisine today. Amongst all the tomato-based preparations of Italian cuisine, tomato sauce is the most significant.

There are countless ways of preparing tomato sauce – using canned or fresh tomatoes, a wide variety of aromatic vegetables, and every possible blending of herbs. There are quick-cooked tomato sauces, spicy tomato sauces, and long-simmered tomato sauces with rich flavors.

There is no single right way to make tomato sauce, and you may as well experiment with as many techniques and ingredients as you can following the best cooking recipes online. With practice over time, you will ultimately settle for a recipe that defines the tomato sauce in your kitchen, and that is what Italian cooking is all about.

Cook Pasta, The Right Way

Where do you start with pasta?

A great starting point would be making the pasta dish, Aglio e olio, one of the easiest pasta recipes and a great place to start for beginners. It is not only a beloved classic back in Italy but is also a recipe that will teach you critical pasta-saucing techniques. It is the ideal pick for the bridal shower recipe ideas.

As it is a basic dish, there is no secret technique. The pasta has to be cooked perfectly, with appropriately seasoned water. The starchy pasta water is a critical component that helps emulsify the olive oil coating into a rich, creamy sauce that is just the right consistency.

Consider Perfecting Your Risotto Technique

Risotto is one of the top favorite Italian dishes. It is a creamy rice dish that is comforting and warm, and easy to prepare. Italians don’t consume rice the conventional way. Risotto is a classic Italian dish prepared by suspending fat grains in a rich, creamy sauce. The natural starch from rice is used as a thickening agent for the sauce.

At the core, risotto is rice grains, aromatics, and broth, but it is how you combine them that makes all the difference to the dish. Comforting, creamy, and filling, risotto is one of the greatest options for bridal shower recipe ideas when craving something delicious and homemade.

Understand the Rules of Making Polenta

At once a warm comfort food and a well-designed stencil on which to experiment with flavors and ingredients, polenta is a diverse side dish in Italian cuisine that is relatively easy to master. It is made from medium-ground or coarse cornmeal used in Northern Italian cuisine.

The coarse-ground variety makes a thicker mixture ideal for baking and frying, whereas the medium-ground polenta gives a creamier texture that is more suitable for slow-roasted meats such as pot roast or stews.


Learning how to cook from scratch takes time, determination, patience, and a lot more than experimentation. You have to approach the Italian culinary world with an open mind that is willing to learn and grow with careful practice and dedication.

Suppose you are not an Italian nonna with years of pasta-making experience. In that case, these classic and easy-to-prepare recipes will make for a perfect introduction to the world of Italian cooking. From pasta to Sunday sauce, these richly flavorful dishes are as foolproof as they are remarkable.

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