Everyone loves to savor tasty and delicious meals with the right amount of ingredients and food that is healthy and fulfilling. A balanced diet consists of fruits, vegetables, meat, grains, and dairy products. Meat is a staple and main element of numerous meals and also a rich source of protein. The two types of meat that are widely cooked and consumed all across the world include red meat (beef, mutton, lamb), white meat (chicken and turkey).

Meat is a versatile food ingredient and one that humans have loved since ancient times. Meat is prepared in different exciting styles in nearly every popular cuisine of the world, be it American, Italian, English, French, Chinese, Mediterranean, or Mexican. The amazing meat recipes include the sumptuous steaks, the delicious chicken, traditional Turkey, and the tender lamb. You can grill, roast, broil, or fry the meat and add various ingredients according to your taste to make a splendid meal. Some of the best meat recipes you can prepare at home and devour includes

  • Steak Au Poivre

Steaks are a favorite meal, especially when dining out on and preparing meals on the barbeque grill. Steak Au Poivre is a French dish, also called a pepper steak; it consists of a fillet mignon dressed with cracked peppercorns and then cooked.

To make Steak Au Poivre, you need to coat the fillet with peppercorns and sprinkle salt according to your taste. Next, you heat the oil and add butter, then brown the fillet from both sides. To prepare the sauce, you need to pour little cognac on the hot pan and add cream or meat juices and stir the mixture for 3-5 minutes and serve the sauce with the steaks

  • Beef Stroganoff

Definitely, one of the most popular meat dish is the Russian ‘Beef Stroganoff’, which is served with savory cream.

To prepare it, you need to keep the pan on medium heat and mix oil and butter, then cut the beef strips with flour and brown them in the mix of oil and butter.

Next, remove the beef and add vegetables such as onions and mushroom on the pan and sauté them and again put the beef and add thyme. Let the food simmer on the uncovered pan for 10 minutes and then stir the cream. You can serve the Beef Stroganoff with Pasta or noodles.

  • Roasted Chicken

Nearly everyone loves eating chicken, and there is nothing better than a traditional roast chicken for the family on the Sunday lunch menu. If you haven’t tried it, then now is the time to prepare this simple yet delightful meal.

To prepare the roasted chicken, you will need 5 to 6-pound full chicken and remove the excess fat. You need to season the inside of the chicken with salt and pepper and fill the cavity with garlic, lemons, and thyme.

Next, you will brush butter on the outside part of the chicken and sprinkle salt and pepper. Then put carrots, onions, and fennel on roasting pan and mix them with salt, thyme, and olive oil. Next, place the chicken on top and let the chicken roast for one and half hour. Dish out the content on a platter and stud the chicken with salad leaves and cloves of garlic.

  • Pasta with Meat sauce

The mouthwatering Italian Pasta with meat sauce will surely be a fantastic meal to prepare and serve your family or friends.

You will need one pound of ground chuck and heat it until it is brown from both sides and then set it aside. Next, heat the pan, add oil along with onion and garlic and stir for two and three minutes and add canned tomatoes and green pepper.

Next, add the sauce and seasoning to the prepared meat and cook on low heat for half an hour. Then serve the meat sauce with Pasta and add parsley and shreds of Parmesan cheese on top.

  • Japanese Beef Teriyaki

If you want to have a lavish taste of Meat along with vegetables and fruits, then Japanese Beef Teriyaki is the ideal meal for you.

The recipe includes taking strips of steak and marinate them with soy sauce, garlic, oil, pineapple or orange juice, and brown sugar. Refrigerate the margination for nearly 2 hours.

Then insert the prepared meat on the skewers and grill on both sides for 4 to 5 minutes. Garnish the beef with green onions or parsley and serve it with plain white rice.

Try out the fantastic recipes and enjoy them with your family and friends. All the recipes are simple to cook and contain all the ingredients that you may already have in the house. You can add one or two ingredients of your own if you want to give a subtle taste to the meals according to your own preference.

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