People from different regions of the world like to eat different kinds of food items depending on their taste and, of course, the availability of food. People always prefer to choose a meal according to the situation and conditions for example, for a fancy event, they would like to choose some unique recipes that are both tempting and delicious while on a particular event of celebration that reflects their happiness, they will pick the most common tradition of cutting a cake.

You always want to have different sorts of food depending upon the timings and occasions. Most of the people prefer to have various juices, beverages, or milkshakes, and children love to eat desserts as they are really tempting for everyone. There are a list of reasons why people decide to eat in a restaurant:

  • Being a lousy chef
  • Short time for cooking at home due to job
  • Eating there because it is the favorite restaurant
  • Want to try delicious food cooked by some professional chef
  • Just to celebrate a special occasion.

Chefs are one of the most qualified and experienced people on earth to talk about the food, not only regarding the taste or flavor but also the chemistry behind the ingredients that are being used in a meal.

An experienced and professional chef believes in the best ingredients and practices which are involved in increasing the efficiency and nutritional value of the food. Some of the world’s most famous chefs are striving to deliver healthy food guide to people living in the underdeveloped areas of the world that are highly affected by hunger. They are also working to reduce the trend of food waste that will ultimately enhance sustainability in the world and help people by protect the environment.

We have to give all the credit and praise to the most influential culinary master chefs that have been offering intense pleasure to people all over the world. Here are five world’s most popular and influential chefs in the food industry who have been dominating for many years in the world while providing a massive taste for all.

  • Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain is a famous American chef as well as an executive chief cook of Brasserie Halles in New York. He started his career twenty years ago, being a dishwasher. Then, he became a line cook; after that, a sous chef and lastly, he became a master chef. He is fond of writing both non-fiction and fiction stories. He is the author of a book named “Kitchen confidential,” and he used to celebrate his techniques of celebrating food and enjoys tasting them. Starting from organizing a cooking program to owning his blog, he had worked really hard and discovered every milestone food can ever achieve. He was considered as one of the best chefs on this planet.

  • Charlie Trotter

Charlie Trotter is also an American chef from Chicago. He is the founding father of the popular cooking show named “The Master Chef.” He had been striving to discover the love for food for many years, despite earning a degree in Political Science. He has written three management books and fourteen recipe books, and he is one of the most recognized writers who are master chefs. He believes that food is not just a passion, it is love and everybody is worthy of it.

  • Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller is an American chef, a restaurateur, and a recipe book author as well. He did not get formal culinary training in any institute. The popularity and knowledge he gained regarding food were due to working in a range of restaurants. He also owns the French Laundry in Napa Valley, and he was also honored with the “Best California Chef” in 1997.

  • Paul Bocuse

Paul Bocuse is recognized as the “Father of Culinary Art” in France. He is famous as a cooking icon for so many years. He was the ambassador of the latest French cuisine, and he was considered as one of the best chefs being affiliated with Nouvelle Cuisine, which is just like a traditional cuisine. Nouvelle Cuisine offers value to the quality ingredients. He was not only known as a king of culinary but also as a “kingmaker” because he has been training students all over the world.

  • Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor is not just an Indian business but a famous chef as well. He has written a great recipe book. He is known as a restaurant specialist as well as a TV host because he has created a great cooking show named, “Khana Khazana,” which can be considered as the longest cooking program in Asia. He has also started his food channel in 2011, which was only food centered. He also became a judge in a cooking competition show named “MasterChef” Season 3.

If your stomach mostly dominates your heart and mind, then a tempting and delicious food can easily lighten up your darkest days in just a single glance. In current times, the obsession of food is observed to be more evident from having all the TV cooking programs, recipe books, and cooking websites as well. Here, how can we forget about all those highly qualified figures who inspire everyone about preparing and eating food? The Chefs! Chefs are one of those people who can drive the craze of food and can certainly dominate the world of culinary.

Picture Credits:   Mr Porter

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